Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hi again! How's it going?

Had a pretty cool day today, Iggie and I struck out into Leeds in costume to make an appearance at ThoughtBubble, a comics convention held opposite the Royal Armouries.

We played it cheap by not actually entering the convention, but there were plenty of people buzzing around outside - we hadn't been there for 5 minutes before we were asked for photos...

And that's because we were cosplaying as Vocaloids, of course. Vocaloid is so big lately, that cosplaying from a popular PV will pretty much guarantee pictures.

The pics aren't everything of course! I only ever cosplay from things I love, so I get a lot of fun just from being in costume!

Anyway, today we debuted:

Hatsune Miku & Megpoid Gumi


Friday, 12 November 2010


It's been about 20 days! I'm sorry, I've been using my Twitter and Tumblr a lot more lately so I sometimes forget about this place! Not to mention LJ lol

So lets begin with real life rubbish and get onto the far more interesting cosplay bits after that.

Both Connor and I have been referred to BEST - a holding pen for cattle cleverly disguised as a training centre. Basically, to make unemployment levels in the area look lower, they send jobseekers to BEST which is classed as being 'in training'.
Trust me when I say, it is just about one of the most degrading experiences imaginable. I don't enjoy being talked to as if I'm a 12 year old with learning difficulties.

On top of that, I've been getting headaches more often. I only started getting them much at all this year, and tonight was the second evening in a row with this dull ache in my forehead.

Oh also, our ashing machine is broken and we haven't been able to see about getting it fixed yet because of being at BEST. I'm running out of clothes! Aaah!

Anyway, now that stuff is out of the way, here we go to the actual content!


The World God Only Knows / Kami nomi zo shiru sekai
Elcea de Lux Ima, aka Elsie

I've actually loved this series for a long time, I started reading the manga maybe... 2 years ago? Maybe a bit less. Anyway, after a while I got fed up of waiting for new chapters since it wasn't mainstream enough to get the attention it quite deserved. However as it turns out, it's at least popular enough in Japan to have earnt itself an anime.
Even better, the anime is a pretty good adaptation. Sure, we didn't get Fukuyama Jun as Keima, but the guy who got the job was a good choice. Elsie is also spot-on, I can't wait to see her fire engine obsession revealed :3 I'll pick the manga back up soon too.
I got carried away, sorry.
So anyway, I'm going to be cosplaying as Elsie. This is one of those rash decisions made on a whim and means I am yet again dropping Maritan in favour of something slightly more recogniseable. I quickly went out and bought the fabric, and this is what I have to show for it so far...
I have a wig more-or-less ready too, so really all that is left are the armwarmers, socks, shoes, hairclip, and a broom.
Let me tell you, this dress is REALLY comfortable. Like, I could sit around in this all day and not give a fuck. It's also a sign of my sewing skill returning - zero fuck-ups on this one!

Vocaloid ~ Matryoshka

My sweet friend Iggie has already finished her matching Gumi, so I have to really crack on with this! If all goes well, this will be finished by Thoughtbubble on the 20th.... I've already begun with the jacket, but I haven't taken photos yet.
So for now, please amuse yourself with this low-quality make-up test photo, taken with my phone.
Anata to watashi no RENDEZVOUS?

In other news...
I finally managed to buy the first two volumes of Spice and Wolf, it's nice to be reacquainted with mai waifu Holo and see all the original illustrations. I'd like to buy the anime on dvd (BUY?! Well, I like it THAT much.), maybe even moreso now I've learnt Holo's dub actress is going to be a guest at KitaCon III. Seriously, what timing.
Oh, and I cut my bangs, as usual when they start to drown my face - now I have a soft hime-cut. It'd be even better if this wacky cowlick didn't force a side-parting... the straighteners and hairspray only seem to tame it for a few hours. Alas!

Shopping List!
Fluffy ear-muffs
Cute legwarmers, socks, tights etc
More sweaters/jumpers/cardigans/whatever will keep me warm.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

HYPER JAPAN 2010: A Report of Sorts

So earlier this month in London there was this mini-expo kind of event called Hyper Japan.

It was also my birthday on the Saturday, I've now reached the really unimpressive neither-old-nor-young age of 22.
Well, it was nice that the very first words I heard that morning were "Happy Birthday~" :3

Having received a large amount of money as my birthday gifts from my family, it all went towards my magnificent haul, but more on that later!

First of all, let me show you the cosplay I put together for the weekend (which I'll be improving and bringing out again for KitaCon 3, for a group~! <3)


It's the new female (with my boyfriend as the new male) player-trainer from Pokemon Black and White (well, you probably knew that), and OH BOY THOSE SHORTS WERE TINY. No seriously, I felt pretty self-conscious walking around showing so much leg!
I'm glad I managed to find a really good big false ponytail, so I'd have the kind of crazy volume the character has, and to top it off, we brought Koffing :D
Well, it's a pretty relevant pokemon for smoggy London :P
I made Connor's hat and hoodie too, the night before we left - I'm glad it turned out nicely! Plus I managed to style his hair so it poofs out like the characters too - SUCCESS.

As for my haul:
Black Rock Shooter Nendoroid
Black Rock Shooter - Mato's phonecharm (now I just need a new phone to put it on, right?)
FREE Black Rock Shooter OVA dvd x3! You got one for spending over £10 at goodsmile's booth, which I did twice (plus the figma also includes one)
Sheryl Nome ~Emotion Style~ figure (Connor put half towards this as my birthday gift :3)
A packet of Matcha so I can start baking with it! (I also made tea with it tonight, hurrah)
A Dragon Quest She-Slime drink! The drink was super sweet, and the bottle is slime-shaped, so cute...
A Moogle doll for my mum (she asked very specifically for one, and gave me the extra cash for it, knowing Square-Enix Store would be there)

And the rest was food and stuff. The piggy-shaped chocolate bread was the most delicious :)

I also got a couple of things for my best friend Iggie, since I still owe her money from our costume order much earlier this year! I know she'll love them :D

Oh, and Connor bought....
Big Boss! He's pretty big, and soooo detailed, definitely a good buy!

Anyway, at least 5 people took our photo, I hope we can find all of the pictures.

Next definite event is KitaCon 3 next APRIL... Well, maybe I'll show up at ThoughtBubble in November, we'll see. It'd be nice to cosplay together with Iggie again by the end of the year. :)

Tuesday, 19 October 2010


So it's been a while since I moved in here, but I'm going to be posting from now on!

So for everybody, here's a little bio:

Rachel / UnaSpi
Age 22
Poorrr jobseeker

I love anime, manga and videogames. Cosplay is my passion. I also collect figures, and I'm starting to enjoy cooking.
I life in a 'cosy' 1 bedroom flat with my boyfriend Connor and no pets ;__; I have a gorgeous cat of my own named Cleo, but she lives at my mothers. I miss her quite a bit. :<

My day-to-day life isn't all that interesting, but you can ask me anything you like. I take most things in good humour.

This blog will be a mishmash of all things cosplay - not only my own experiences and costumes, but links to the costumes and photos of my friends and those I admire, maybe some tutorials and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of comedy drama.

Signing off for now~