Saturday, 20 November 2010


Hi again! How's it going?

Had a pretty cool day today, Iggie and I struck out into Leeds in costume to make an appearance at ThoughtBubble, a comics convention held opposite the Royal Armouries.

We played it cheap by not actually entering the convention, but there were plenty of people buzzing around outside - we hadn't been there for 5 minutes before we were asked for photos...

And that's because we were cosplaying as Vocaloids, of course. Vocaloid is so big lately, that cosplaying from a popular PV will pretty much guarantee pictures.

The pics aren't everything of course! I only ever cosplay from things I love, so I get a lot of fun just from being in costume!

Anyway, today we debuted:

Hatsune Miku & Megpoid Gumi


With myself as Miku and Iggie as her favourite vocaloid, Gumi, we had a lottttttt of fun and got some great pictures, I'll link you when they're all processed!

I made my jacket and did our make-up, Iggie hand-stitched the smiling detail onto her hoodie - and don't you think it looks much cooler than just painting it on? It fits the theme of a 'patched-up, crazy matryoshka' really well, I think.

And here's a gorgeous full shot of just me, taken and post-processed by Iggie :D

Hope you like it ;D


  1. I can't see your pictures for some reason, your layout is cutting them in half D:

  2. I just noticed that myself - however if you click the images you can see them full size at photobucket :3
    I'll replace them with scaled versions soon!

  3. Oh gosh, I was actually thinking the same thing too. But then I read the comments, and I love your wig and the make-up! :)